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Do I have to be an experienced kayaker?

No, most guests who join our tours have little or no previous kayaking experience. Basic instruction is provided. Difficulty varies from beginner to intermediate. Paddling conditions caused by giant tides and prevailing south-west winds at the end of the Bay of Fundy are extremely variable and on most days guests can expect to paddle in waves. Some windy tours may not be suitable for youth (10-18). On rare low wind days paddling conditions are calmer. Please note: We cannot predict the weather/wind conditions. Guests should make reservations assuming that they will get wet and they will be paddling in wavy conditions.

Are the tours suitable for children under 10?

No, our kayak tours at Hopewell Rocks Park are not suitable for children under 10. Youth 10-18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Can I paddle a single or a double kayak?

All of our guests paddle in doubles kayaks. Because of the logistical complications and safety concerns associated with paddling on huge tides among the giant rock formations.

Traveling by yourself or in an odd numbered group?

If you are an odd numbered group or an individual you will be asked to partner up with another client or a guide (Only possible to partner up with a guide when we have an odd numbered group)

Do I have to pay a park admission fee to go kayaking at Hopewell Rocks?

Yes. The Hopewell Rocks Park is owned and operated by the Provincial Department of Tourism & Parks and as such, visitors must pay a park admission fee. Current rates can be viewed on their website at As a private company operating under a special license, Baymount Outdoor Adventures has no control over park admission fees.

How long is the tour?

The regular high tide “Kayak The Rocks” tour lasts 1.5 to 2 hours. The paddling distance is approximately 4 Km. The “Mid Tide – Coastal Tour” lasts approximately 1.5 hours and covers approximately 3 to 4 Km’s.

Is there a Shuttle service in the park?

Yes, the park provides a shuttle service (for a small fee) to get from the main interpretative center to the lower site close to us, however it only operates when the park is open. Sometimes our tours operate outside of park hours and the shuttle is no longer available.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations from individuals or families are accepted without loss of deposit with 24 hours notice. Baymount cancels very few tours, however, for reasons of safety we may sometimes cancel because of lightning, rough sea conditions due to strong winds or cold / wet weather. Baymount reserves the right to cancel or shorten a tour as conditions warrant. Tours go rain or shine so guests should dress accordingly. Visitors are encouraged to provide more advanced notice of a change of plans whenever possible to allow others the opportunity to participate. (Reservations cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or if guests do not arrive for their reserved tour lose their online deposit)

Is there a difference between the first two & second two tours?

From a scenery perspective, the experience is essentially the same on all high tide tours. On the first two tours we paddle on a rising tide, while the 3rd and 4th tours sees us paddling on a falling tide. At Hopewell Rocks, wind, waves and the tide direction may make the paddling conditions different from one tour to the next. Here are some considerations: The calmest paddling conditions (less wind and smaller waves) normally occur early and late in the day. On windy days the waves are normally highest on the first two tours. Morning tours offer the best lighting for photography.

How often do you run the After Dark Tours?

On days when high tide happens near or soon after dark we are able to offer our Specialty After Dark tour, this tour is extremely dependent on the weather and it only runs when we have calm conditions.

Where is the Kayak The Rocks tour located? And when should we arrive for our tour?

Please arrive at Hopewell Rocks Park one hour before your scheduled tour and at our kayaking building 30 minutes before the scheduled tour time. It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to walk to our building from the park entrance. Our sea kayaking tours are conducted from our building at the “Lower Site” inside the Hopewell Rocks Park. The park is located just off of Route 114 at Hopewell Cape, half way between Moncton and Fundy National Park.

When tours begin early in the morning or close to when the park closes we use our Alternate Meeting Location

I am concerned about tipping over. Does this happen often?

Capsizes sometimes occur on our tours. In the event of a capsize, our guides are trained to implement a quick and efficient rescue.

Can I use my own kayaking equipment on your tour?

No, for reasons of safety, quality control and liability, all participants are required to use Baymount equipment.

What should I bring on the tour?

It is recommended that participants bring a change of clothes (as there is always the possibility of getting wet), light nylon jacket or shell, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses, camera. Most guests paddle in shorts, T-shirt and beach footwear (or your choice of appropriate footwear, knowing it may get wet and/or muddy). 

What is the best time to “Walk on the Ocean Floor”?

The best time to walk on the ocean floor at Hopewell Rocks is three (3) hours either side of the low tide time. Visit the Hopewell Rocks website for these times.

Should I bring my camera on the tour?

We encourage all guests to take their camera on tour, as it is the only way to get pictures of most of the rock formations when they are surrounded by the tides. Guests are welcome to borrow one of Baymount’s “dry bags” to store their camera while on tour. Please remember that Baymount does not assume any responsibility for cameras taken on the tour.

Are there set times for your tours?

Yes. Our tour can only operate during the two hour window on either side of the high tide time but they change daily with the time of high tide. Our tour schedule can be found on our online reservation system.

How many tours do you offer each day?

With “normal” tide conditions, we offer four tours around the high tide time. With some tide cycles, we can only do one tour per day and with extreme high tides we can sometimes do 5 tours.​

Are group tours available?

Yes, however, the available dates and times are limited. From July 15th till the end of August there are no special group rates. Please inquire about availability, rates and booking conditions.

Is it possible to kayak and walk on the beach at Hopewell Rocks on the same day?

Yes, although times for each activity vary daily with the tides.

Can I rent a kayak instead of going on a guided tour?

No. Because of the unpredictable weather and complications associated with paddling on extreme high tides, we only offer guided sea kayaking tours.

How can I pay for my tour?

A credit card is required to hold reservations using our online reservation system. Onsite you will be required to pay any outstanding fees after your tour. At the Kayaking Center we only accept Cash, Debit, Master Card, and Visa. Please remember to bring your method of payment with you. 

Is there bilingual guiding service available?

Yes. Many of our guides speak both English and French and every effort is made to ensure that bilingual staff are on site each day. If you require French guides, please be sure to make that request when confirming your reservation.

Are shorebirds seen on all tours?

No. Shorebirds are present from mid-July to mid-September, with peak numbers occurring in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of August. Large flocks of roosting shorebirds can be viewed during the four hour window at high tide (two hours on either side of high tide). Spectacular close-up views of large numbers of shorebirds in flight are a special treat reserved for kayakers.

Can pets accompany us on the tour?

No, for logistical and safety reasons, pets are not allowed on any of our tours.

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