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Baymount Outdoor Adventures Inc.

"Kayak The Rocks"

The Highest Tidal Paddling Experience on Earth'

Motto: "Changing Lives one tour at a time"

Our Business


Baymount Outdoor Adventures Inc. is a Canadian owned adventure tour company whose goal is to provide our guests with the highest quality vacation experience here in New Brunswick.

It has been in business since 1991. With a change in management in 2020, the business was taken over by Shaun and Ashley Gibbs. We have always been committed to providing high quality Sea Kayaking tours in The Bay of Fundy UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


Our tours have been recognized for their outstanding quality - recipients of the New Brunswick “Savvy Traveller” and “The Bay of Fundy Recommended Experience” Awards. In the spring of 2011 Baymount Outdoor Adventures was also accepted as a “Charter Membership” of the Bay of Fundy UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.  In 2012 our Kayak The Rocks Tour became a part of the Canadian Tourism Commissions "Signature Experience Collection" that is used to promote Canada in the International Market Place.

Giving Back

Unlike many tourism businesses, Baymount’s primary motivation is not just for profit. After witnessing first-hand the life changing ability of outdoor education experiences on youth, we are committed to do what we can to help minimize the barriers to participation. We believe offering guests a high quality experience (at prices often below those of competitors), while donating a portion of our profits to help others share in the benefits of getting outdoors, is a formula to change the lives of New Brunswick youth. Baymount staff are also committed to “Making a Difference” as they aim to donate $2000 from their gratuities (which is matched by the owners), each year, to a fund that local school outdoor education classes and outdoor youth groups will have access to.

Privacy policy

Baymount Outdoor Adventures Inc. only collects information you provide, limited to your name, contact information (phone, email and postal code) and payment information. Contact information is maintained for future communication and payment information is not kept after payment is processed. We do not share your contact information and do protect its security; we do our part however no online activity or transaction is 100% secure. We ask you to agree to not hold us responsible for any third party interception of your data while using our site. Baymount Outdoor Adventures Inc. uses Peek Pro (Stripe) to process credit card transactions for our online reservations and Elavon for our in person payments; our website is hosted by Wix, who may use cookies or track your digital footprint while on this site.