"Kayak The Rocks"

'The Highest Tidal Paddling Experience on Earth'


Bay of Fundy

Join our experienced guides for a vacation changing tour around the world famous Hopewell Rocks.

Kayaking at the Hopewell Rocks is a New Brunswick must do!

‘The Mount Everest of the Marine World’, ‘Tides the height of a five story building’, ‘a discharge of water twice that of all rivers on planet Earth’… little wonder the Bay of Fundy was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2007, and a finalist in the New 7 Wonders of Nature competition.

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Lovers Arch Low Tide

Boasting “The Highest Tidal Paddling Experiences on Earth”, Baymount’s signature experience, “Kayak The Rocks” occurs at New Brunswick’s tourism icon, The Hopewell Rocks Park.  Here paddlers have the rare opportunity to paddle amongst the giant “flowerpot” rock formations, twisting and turning through small tunnels and narrow passageways where hands are sometimes better suited to propelling the kayaks than paddles. Shortly before or after your tour, guests will stand in awe as they “Walk the Ocean Floor” around and through those same formations and passageways.

"Mid-Tide Coastal" Kayak the Rocks Tour

If you missed our high tide tour, why not join us on our “Mid-Tide Coastal Tour”. This 1.5 hour tour provides guests with a unique panoramic view and photo opportunity of the “Flowerpot Rocks” just as the tides are receding and revealing the true identity of the rock formations.  Guests also have a special opportunity to navigate through the ‘ledges’ and up the mud lined Demoiselle Creek found at the south end of the Park.  When fully exposed, the massive 4 Kilometer wide mud flats at the foot of Shepody Mountain will serve as a stark contrast to a Bay that was totally flooded just hours before.

Being prepared

What to bring?

Change of Clothes

While kayaking, people tend to get wet. It is always a good idea to bring dry clothes and a towel. You can store them in our storage lockers.


Your feet and footwear are likely to get wet and encounter some mud. We recommend water shoes, crocs, sandals and flip-flops although almost any shoe will do.


We love pictures! Bring a camera or phone and we will lend you one of our trusty dry bags so you can bring your picture taking device with you on the water.


A doctor once told me water was a good thing. A reusable water bottle is an excellent refreshment to bring, specially on a hot summer day. 

What to Expect

No experience required

90% of our clients have little to no experience. We cover the basics of kayaking prior to heading out on the water. Sometimes, the winds pick up and can make our tours more challenging, on those days we inform everyone of what we expect for conditions and reserve the right to alter to tour for safety purposes. 

Moderate physical challenge

The paddle requires the kayaker to complete the tour in a double kayak. This requires some stamina and a bit of physical effort. 

Hot and cold days

We go kayaking rain or shine. The weather can range from a cold day in June where a rain jacket, toque and an insular layer is needed or a warm August day where shorts and t-shirts would be all you need. Rarely will the tours get completely cancelled due to the weather.

Hopewell Rocks park is a "No Drone Zone". Please visit the Hopewell Rocks Park website for further information. 
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