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"Guided Sea Kayaking, Caving, Hiking, and Mountain Biking Tours

on New Brunswick's Bay of Fundy, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve"


Kayaking Bay of Fundy – Hopewell Rocks  

Mountain Biking Bay of Fundy

Hiking Bay of Fundy Coast

Kayak the Rocks

Mountain Biking


With ocean tides the height of a five story building and a discharge of water that exceeds that of every brook, stream and river on planet earth in a single day, it is little wonder that  the upper shores of New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy  is designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. 

At the core of the Biosphere Reserve are many of New Brunswick’s and Atlantic Canada’s top natural attractions - The Fundy Trail Parkway, Fundy National Park, Hopewell Rocks, Cape Enrage, Caledonia Gorge and the Shepody Bay Western Hemispheric Shorebird Reserve.

This is our adventure playground!!  Join us on one of our guided hiking, sea kayaking, caving or mountain bike adventures and allow us to share our rich heritage and natural history.  Join us for a vacation memory on the spectacular Bay of Fundy.